“Wagner Group” began to recruit mercenaries in Russian schools – media

Yuri Kobzar18:53, 03/11/23

Prigozhin opened recruitment centers for militants all over Russia. Most of them are in schools and children’s sports institutions.

Prigozhin’s “Wagner Group” announced the opening of its recruitment centers in Russia. As Taiga.Info found out , at least some of these recruitment points are located in schools.

According to the owner of the group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, recruitment centers have appeared in 42 Russian cities. Journalists checked several addresses in different cities of Siberia and found out that almost all of them are in the premises of schools and sports clubs where children go. 

For example, in Omsk, a Wagner PMC recruiting center was opened at the “Orthodox sports and patriotic club” Paratrooper “, which is located in the building of the local gymnasium No. 147.

In Barnaul, mercenaries are recruited on the territory of one of the branches of the sports school of the Olympic reserve No. 3, and in Irkutsk – in the sports club “Profi” at the State School of the Olympic Reserve of Irkutsk.

In Krasnoyarsk, fighters for the Wagner Group are recruited at the Siberian Center for Russian Martial Art, where children as young as four are taught hand-to-hand combat.

In Chita, Prigozhin recruits mercenaries at the Ostrovsky club, where children also work.

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