Two strikes in Mariupol might have hit Russian clusters of personnel


The Mariupol City Council reported two strikes over the occupied city on 11 March.

Source: Mariupol City CouncilPetro Andriushchenko, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol

Quote: “Cotton [explosion] in Mariupol. [Russian propaganda, initially refusing to use the word ‘vzryv’ (explosion), used ‘khlopok’ (a bang) instead. However, ‘khlopok’ also means ‘cotton’, and this has since become a meme – ed.] 

Residents of the occupied city report two strikes – near the airport and Agrobase.

Possible hit in the location of the occupiers.”

Details: Andriushchenko said that an explosion was also heard in the sky, a Russian anti-aircraft missile allegedly went off, and then debris fell on a private house.

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