The Pentagon asks for $170 billion for the purchase of weapons: Bloomberg showed the list

Vitaly Saenko13:52, 03/11/23

In particular, the funds, in particular, are planned to be used for the purchase of long-range missiles in case there is a conflict with China.

The Pentagon will invite the government to allocate $170 billion for purchases in the new fiscal year. They will be used to replace ammunition supplied to Ukraine, as well as long-range missiles that may be needed in the event of a conflict with China.

This is reported by Bloomberg , citing internal Pentagon budget documents. In particular, the US Department of Defense will request $76.8 billion for the Navy and Marines, of which $32.8 billion is for the construction of new ships. Another 61 billion for the Air Force, which includes the US space force, and 24.4 billion for the army.

At the same time, the accompanying research and development document states a $145 billion request, of which $46 billion is for the air force, $27 billion for the navy and $15.7 billion for the army.

The documents will be made public on Monday as part of the detailed disclosure of the financial request for the next fiscal year, which begins on October 1.

Regarding ammunition, the Pentagon’s main request is:

  • $951 million for 550 Lockheed Martin Corp precision air-to-surface cruise missiles;
  • 928 million for 831 Amraam air-to-air missiles for the Navy and Air Force from Raytheon Technologies Corp;
  • 886 million for the purchase of 5,016 GMLRS guided missiles from Lockheed Martin;
  • 639 million for the purchase of 91 long-range anti-ship missiles from Lockheed Martin;
  • 400 million for the purchase of a new version of the Stinger, which is called M-Shorad;
  • 308 million for 78 improved MK-48 torpedoes from Lockheed Martin;
  • 199 million for the purchase of 541 Raytheon-Lockheed Javelin anti-tank missiles;
  • 179 million for the purchase of 28 additional Himars high-mobility artillery and missile systems.

US defense budget

As UNIAN reported earlier, it became known that US President Joe Biden plans to propose one of the largest peacetime defense budgets . It was expected that its total amount will exceed $835 billion.

Recall that the US defense budget for fiscal year 2023 , signed by President Joe Biden, is a record $858 billion. The final document was $45 billion more than the head of the White House himself originally proposed, and 10% more than in 2021.

Earlier it became known about the intention of the Pentagon  to increase the production of 155-mm shells for Ukraine . In particular, the United States wants to increase the production of shells by 500%.

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  1. These should be for Ukraine. Ukraine is currently destroying a long-term opponent with zero American lives involved.

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