‘Kadyrov Was Simply Removed’

The expert told who and why poisoned the head of Chechnya.


The Chechen ruler Ramzan Kadyrov could have been poisoned by the Russian FSB. This opinion was expressed by a military expert, reserve colonel Oleh Zhdanov during a stream on his YouTube channel.

“There is information (it requires confirmation) that Kadyrov was poisoned. The FSB carried out an operation and poisoned him. He suffers from acute renal failure, which caused a sharp increase in weight and swelling of the body,” said Zhdanov.

On this occasion, he recalled the ambulance, equipped for resuscitation, which flew to Moscow last week.

“During the war, Europe allowed this aircraft to fly in its airspace, it reached Moscow through Belarus and immediately returned back, that is, they were already waiting for it in Moscow. Someone was loaded into this resuscitation plane and it flew to Nuremberg, where the largest medical university in Europe is located, which includes 24 university clinics,” said the military expert.

Zhdanov also named a probable reason why the Chechen dictator could “get sick”.

“There is an assumption that Kadyrov was simply removed, so that he did not ruin the federal system, in particular, by the fact that he, as a regional leader, allows himself to command a part of the federal structure — the National Guard,” he said.

At the same time, according to the expert, the very concept of “Kadyrovites” has disappeared from circulation in Russia, although these fighters of the National Guard continue to carry out their tasks on the territory of Ukraine.

Zhdanov suggested that the same fate as Kadyrov could await Prigozhin if he “does not calm down but continues giving his cries-political statements”.

“Or rather, let him continue. The sooner they start killing each other like spiders in a jar, the easier it will be for us to fight them,” the expert added.

What is known about Kadyrov’s health

Rumors have been circulating about the health of Chechnya’s leader, 46-year-old Ramzan Kadyrov, for several weeks now. Western media reported that he had kidney problems. Over the past few months, Ramzan Kadyrov has gained a lot of weight, he looks very gloomy, and in his videos he often cannot open his eyes.

The fact that Kadyrov appears energetic and agile from time to time is attributed to his use of stimulants. They say that now the Chechen dictator is dependent on them, as well as other drugs.

Earlier, the head of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria abroad, Akhmed Zakayev, said that Kadyrov had become addicted to the medicines, which he had been using for 15 years. According to Zakayev, Kadyrov is ill and has already become drug addicted. He claims that the hyperactivity of the head of Chechnya was supported by some energy pills, which “will bring some visible effect in the future”.

“And today he has grown absolutely dependent on these pills, and there is some kind of drug addiction. He no longer controls himself without them. And therefore, there is such an assumption that he is sick and now he was sent somewhere on vacation to rest, but in fact — for treatment in order to bring him to his senses a little,” said Zakayev.


  1. “Or rather, let him continue. The sooner they start killing each other like spiders in a jar, the easier it will be for us to fight them,”

    A best case scenario.

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