Kadyrov receives non-standard treatment in Nurnberg due to FSB “poison” – expert (video)

Veronika Prokhorenko10:20, 03/11/23

By his actions, the head of Chechnya actually buried the concept of “Kadyrovtsy” in Ukraine, military expert Oleg Zhdanov believes.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov commented on the dramatic changes in the appearance of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, amid rumors about his possible poisoning. Earlier, it also became known about the poisoning of one of the “top” commanders of Kadyrov . 

As Zhdanov noted during his broadcast on YouTube , according to some reports that require confirmation, Kadyrov was indeed poisoned by the special services of the FSB of the Russian Federation. 

“According to some signs, he has acute renal failure, which caused a sharp increase in weight and swelling of the body. By the way, last week an ambulance plane flew to Moscow, which was equipped for resuscitation. Moreover, in war conditions, Europe allowed flying in its air space of this aircraft,” Zhdanov said.

According to him, the plane landed in Moscow through the airspace of Belarus, and then went to Nurnberg – the largest medical university in Europe. There, most likely, Kadyrov is being treated with non-standard methods of treatment. After all, the specifics of the institution allows you to deviate from the norms of the medical protocol. This, in fact, is what this university is known for, the expert noted.

Zhdanov also drew attention to the fact that after the “disappearance” of Kadyrov, the news about his so-called tik-tok troops “Kadyrovites” also disappeared. 

“There is an assumption that Kadyrov was simply removed. Remember, I said that he is actually ruining the federal system by allowing himself, being an ordinary regional leader of a hyped region of Russia, to command the National Guard. And, look, such a thing as “Kadyrovtsy”. After all, they are ordinary military personnel of Russia. They have not disappeared anywhere, they are fighting on our territory, they are doing their tasks, but with the disappearance of the leader – the very meme “Kadyrovtsy” – also disappeared, “he said. 

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Kadyrov’s poisoning

Last week, rumors appeared in the Ukrainian and international information space about the possible poisoning of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov.

In particular, the German publication Bild wrote that due to deteriorating health, Putin’s henchman was unable to attend the dictator’s speech to the Federation Council on February 21 . During this period, a well-known doctor from the United Arab Emirates flew to the leader of Chechnya. 

Journalists noted that earlier Kadyrov looked “swollen” during his public appearances . The media says that he most likely has diseased kidneys. Until recently, doctors supported his “activity” with stimulants. 

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  1. The KRAUTS WILL TREAT Putin as well. No worries. At least he is in the right city. (This remark is for insiders)

  2. He should be put on trial in Nuremberg, not receive medical treatment. Yeah, NATO striking again… Germany, Hungary, Turkey… No wonder NATO – just like the EU – never gets anything right. Bah! 🤕

  3. Bizarre how they tried to help him.
    Will they treat Putin too?

    From a strategic point of view I might not want him dead yet, as he basically has his own army within Russia so he can be a destabilising factor.

    Putin didn’t just poison him: he is afraid of Kadyrov.
    I think the end of Russia will be when other factions smell Putins weakness and turn against each other, like Prigozin against Shoigu.

    Also NATO might discover a new chemical/biological weapon used against Kadyrov.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think they are treating him for a strategic reason. It is just classic textbook German Arssegiverism. They are treating him as a consequence of a lack of morals.

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