In Ukraine, a factory for the assembly of low-cost kamikaze drones for NSU was launched

The “Wave’91” project drone

The National Guard, together with the “Wave’91” charitable organization, launched a factory for assembling kamikaze UAVs.

Submitted by  the Industrial Portal with a link to Sundries .

The production cost of one drone is $200. Thus, one shock drone is ten times cheaper than a commercial Mavic 3 copter. This became possible thanks to the direct supply of components from Asia.

The carrying capacity of the drone is 1.2 kg. Ukrainian engineers have created an ammunition drop system for the drone. In addition, they improved the ammunition itself in order to increase the impact power. The charity organization’s Telegram channel claims that kamikaze UAVs produced at the factory are already being used by the Ukrainian military on the front lines.

The project was launched by Ukrainian “Aitishniks”. The launch of the factory for the production of drones cost them UAH 2 million. According to Dmytro Sklyar, who heads the Internet marketing agency Netpeak, kamikaze UAVs are consumables. In this regard, their supplies to the armed forces must be carried out on a regular basis.

Sklyar added that providing the Ukrainian troops with aircraft is possible only if their serial production is launched. He expressed his belief that the initiative of the National Guard and “Wave’91” will bring Ukraine one step closer to defeating the terrorist state.



  1. Keeping costs down per unit is excellent, making it better and more deadly at the same time is outstanding!🇺🇦

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