Goblin-Puchkov received a grant from Putin to promote racism on RuTube

Yury Kobzar22:41, 11.03.23

Propagandists are no longer allowed on decent platforms like YouTube.

Russian propagandist Dmytro Puchkov, known by the creative pseudonym “Goblin”, received a presidential grant of 19.3 million rubles for his program “Evening Emitter”, which will be released on the RuTube platform. 

Information on the website of the Russian “Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives” indicates the receipt of a grant for the continuation of propaganda .

Previously, Puchkov ran his large channel on YouTube, which was removed by the hosting administration for “violation of community rules”. The channel broadcast a lot of anti-Ukrainian and anti-Western propaganda.

Commenting on the presidential grant for “Goblin”, the famous Russian political scientist Anatoly Nesmiyan noted that it is simply impossible to work with RuTube other than with grants and subsidies. 

“The resource is a dead end from the beginning. (…) The allocation of grants for the promotion of the “patriotic agenda” only emphasizes its inability to exist within the framework of this dead project, and even with the extremely vague meaning of “patriotism”. When there is pure hatred and the cult of death on TV, then what’s the point of looking for the same thing, but on the Internet?” Nesmiyan writes.

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