German Railways stopped free transportation of humanitarian aid to Ukraine – Spiegel

Anastasia Gorbacheva11:01, 11.03.23

In 2022, the company spent about 5 million euros to transport humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

The German railway carrier Deutsche Bahn-DB Cargo will no longer deliver humanitarian cargo to Ukraine free of charge. The company spent about 5 million euros for these purposes in 2022.

According to Spiegel , the free transportation of humanitarian aid to Ukraine ceased on January 1, 2023. Now for the delivery of goods will have to pay up to 6 thousand euros per container.

It is noted that the decision could have been made due to a dispute between DB Cargo and the German Ministry of Transport regarding the financing of transportation. So, representatives of Deutsche Bahn applied for state assistance, but until the end of 2022, the carrier and the department did not come to a common decision.

“The railway bridge was an initiative of DB Cargo. The federal government welcomes this initiative very much. Discussions continue in the federal government about the form and extent of support for the railway bridge in the future,” the German relevant ministry said.

In 2022, DB Cargo spent about 5 million euros to transport humanitarian aid.

Position of Deutsche Bahn on the war in Ukraine – what is known

In May 2022, the German railway carrier Deutsche Bahn announced its active support for Ukraine in the issue of grain exports. The company and its subsidiaries in Poland and Romania sent several trainloads of grain from Ukraine to seaports every day.

On November 1, 2022, Deutsche Bahn announced that it could not use its full capacity to export grain from Ukraine due to border bureaucracy in the European Union.

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