Beginning of spring counter-offensive “not far off” – Syrsky

Vitaly Saenko14:14, 03/11/23

Colonel-General Alexander Syrsky noted that it was necessary to buy time to build up reserves and launch a spring counteroffensive.

The beginning of the spring counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the aim of liberating Ukrainian lands from Russian invaders “is not far off.”

This is stated  in the message of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the social network Facebook. Thus, the commander of the Eastern Group of Forces, Colonel General Alexander Syrsky, is on the most important sectors of the front along with his units.

“It is necessary to win time for the accumulation of reserves and the start of the spring counter-offensive, which is just around the corner,” Syrsky said.It is noted that the commander constantly “keeps the operational situation at the front under control and takes the necessary measures to keep Bakhmut under Ukrainian control.”

It is also said that the Ukrainian military give a worthy rebuff to the enemy and continue to hold the city. For the defense of Bakhmut, forces and resources are involved that prevent the enemy from realizing his plan, break his plans and force him to refuse to move forward.

The situation at the front

On March 10, at a meeting of the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, which was chaired by President Volodymyr Zelensky, they discussed the protection of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region and other territories of Ukraine, as well as the supply of weapons.

On March 11, the Russian occupiers made numerous unsuccessful attempts to storm Bakhmut and, in general, continue to focus their main efforts on five directions.

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    • Easier said than done. Ukraine could quickly step into a trap. Blowing up the Kerch bridge and the Black Sea Fleet would be a good start.

      • That’s right. It would be wiser to do that and then wait for a while to starve the cockroaches before heading into the potential wasp’s nest.

        • Yeah. After the bridge and fleet are gone, Ukraine could use polish MIGs to help hammering the occupiers in Kherson to break the land bridge as well.

      • The General Staff consist of geniuses.

        Everyone is betting (so am I) on an offensive in Zaphorizia, but who knows if that is what they will be doing?

        Russia put most of its forces there, so it will be the hardest to take.

        It would surprise me if they will be doing something completely different, for example in the Luhansk direction.

        They fooled me when they said they would go after Kherson and they can just as well fool me again.

        I think Russia is taking huge casualties in the Zaphorizia direction with all of these long range missile strikes, and I think this is something Ukraine likes.

        As they must defend Crimea, they replace their forces each time to be destroyed again.

        Also, it is more pleasant for Ukraine to let Russia have Zaphorizia for now as it does lengthen Russian supply lines.

        The Donbas region is way easier to supply so to some degree the Russians being their is more annoying as they have easier access to large amounts of ammo.

        Once Ukraine reaches the Russian border, it means Russia will have to fight on its own territory which will not be something desirable for Putin politically.

        Ukraine might go for the least defended area, which is probably in the Donbas.

        Zaluzny always thinks out of the box, so assuming he will be doing what we all think he will be doing has a high chance of being wrong.

        • Unfortunately Donbas is a fortress, built up for almost nine years. Cutting off the Crimea seems more clever. It will also have a huge psychological and political impact. The infighting in RuSSia would be huge.

          • I share your view and I would also put my money on that.

            My point was that Ukraine may do the unexpected.

            Taking Transnistria would be a nice troll for example and would free up some soldiers and border guards along this border.

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