AFU Special Forces Grind Down Russians in Bakhmut

Bakhmut, without exaggeration, remains the hottest place on the planet. The other day, fresh Ukrainian forces arrived there with the task of bleeding the enemy as much as possible.

March 10, 2023

Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in reserve, military expert, pilot-instructor Roman Svitan told Channel 24 about this . He also said that near Slavyansk, the Russian invaders now fell into a real trap.

Svitan said that Ukrainian troops took the center of the city of Bakhmut for defense, one of the defense lines runs from the south along the Konstantinovka-Bakhmut highway. This is now a reliable fortified area, the route is under fire, it is mined, artillery is working.

To the east, the city center is covered by the Bakhmutka River, which is used as a fortified area. On the right eastern bank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian troops that entered the city are being destroyed, and further Ukrainian special operations forces, snipers and artillery are working on them.

In the north of the city, the center is covered by the Artyomovsk Non-Ferrous Metal Processing Plant (AZOKM), a large industrial zone that Ukrainian fighters also use as a fortified area. It contains many defense systems.

Fighting continues in the city

The colonel said that the Russians had entered the city, contact battles were continuing. The left bank of Bakhmut, the western part of the city are defended by special operations forces, assault groups of the National Guard, border guards and several battalions of special forces specializing in performing tasks in urban conditions.

Bakhmut is holding on, but the situation is very difficult in the city itself. The battles inside the city are considered the most difficult, but they are effective, because we are defending ourselves, and any army attacking in urban areas suffers huge losses,
– the military expert noted.

He stressed that this is the task facing the Ukrainian military in Bakhmut. They are aimed at this bridgehead to destroy the Russian troops.

Dawn about the battles in Bakhmut: watch the video

Rotation in Bakhmut

Svitan said that a rotation has now taken place in Bakhmut. The replacement of the Ukrainian motorized infantry and motorized rifle units took place, they were withdrawn with equipment from Bakhmut, since the equipment in the city is a very good target.

Another rotation was made for certain tasks. Special forces came in – the “wolves of the city”, so it is very difficult for the Russians to move there, they have very heavy losses. Our special forces pack the Russians in 1.5-2 companies a day,
– the military man added.

PMC “Wagner” ends

In the north of Bakhmut, PMC “Wagner” mainly operates. Their “gold reserve” is already beginning to come there – professionals who at one time were the skeleton of PMCs, Svitan said.

Our leadership has several ideas on how to release the northern part of Bakhmut: with small ticks in the AZOKM area, and with large ticks in the Belogorovka area with access to Popasnaya, or with access to the same Bakhmut, the colonel said.

He noted that the Russians chose the wrong layout in the north. The group that started to move towards Slavyansk, trying to cordon off Bakhmut, cannot do this, because the width of the front does not allow.

Trap near Slavyansk

Near Slavyanskoye, the enemy immediately gets into flank attacks, so this Russian group from Bakhmut to Soledar has found itself in a disadvantageous situation from a military point of view, since strengthening our troops from the flanks can lead to cutting off this group and destruction. Now they cannot go to Slavyansk and complete the cordon of Bakhmut.

General Syrsky calls this situation “zugzwang” (a situation in which any step will lead to a worsening of the position – channel 24).

Svitan noted that any actions of the Russians there would not be to their advantage, moving to Slavyansk would aggravate the situation, moving to Bakhmut would also aggravate the situation, and even going back to the starting position would also worsen their position, because it would open the flanks to groups standing nearby.

Svitan said that after the Ukrainian military leadership makes a decision, we will see certain actions in Bakhmut in the near future.

Battles for Bakhmut: the last

  • Oleg Zhdanov said that the Russians did not have the strength and means to close the cordon ring behind Bakhmut, they could not advance. So the enemy decided to stretch this neck – to make the supply corridor for our troops as long as possible.
  • The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said that the Russians are launching a large number of fakes about the contradictions between the military-political leadership regarding decisions on Bakhmut. It seems that Zelensky, Zaluzhny and Syrsky have different positions on this matter. This information has been denied.
  • Mikhail Podolyak noted that Moscow is losing 5-7 times more military than Kyiv. According to him, there are about 40,000 killed and wounded in seven months in Bakhmut.


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