Ukraine received Patriot systems from the US, but not in full – FT

Veronika Prokhorenko09:12, 10.03.23

A few days earlier, Poland denied the information that the first Patriot air defense systems arrived on the territory of Ukraine.

The United States of America nevertheless transferred part of the Patriot anti-missile systems to Ukraine as part of its military assistance, but not in full.

According to the Financial Times journalists , Kiev received only one of the two promised Patriot systems (which were previously announced by Washington and Berlin), but it has not yet been used on the battlefield with the Russian Federation.

The publication emphasizes that Patriot air defense systems are the best medium-range air defense systems that the West has in its arsenal. However, the effectiveness of the Patriot has not yet been tested in real collisions with Russian Kinzhal missiles.  

“We need weapons, weapons and more weapons,” Danilov said: “Russia will continue to increase the degree of aggression if the world is silent,” the publication quotes the appeal of the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council. 

The media found out that soon Ukraine may also receive the first Patriot installations from the Dutch government. Similar in their capabilities, the Samp-T air defense systems were previously promised by the governments of France and Italy, however, Kyiv has not yet received them, they say in the FT. 

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  1. Biden is a POS…..he stalled giving us weapons last year, altered the HIMARS distance logistics and stalls stalls stalls for his payment from Putin.

    Biden must go

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