The Russian Orthodox Church painted an icon with Stremousov: people are already praying for it (photo)

Yana Stavskaya16:19, 10.03.23

The fighting priest dragged the icon to the Russian invaders, whom he then blessed to kill Ukrainians.

The priest of the Russian Orthodox Church  blessed the Russian occupiers to kill Ukrainians with an icon with the deceased Kherson collaborator Kirill Stremousov.

Stremousov is depicted as an Orthodox martyr in a red cassock, with a cross and a halo above his head. The photo was published in his Telegram by journalist Denis Kazansky.

“I wonder what it’s like to go into battle, realizing that your church is painting on the icons of the Kherson city fuck ***, crushed by a Russian tank, and blesses you with his name to death?” Kazansky asked.

The Russian Orthodox Church supports the killing of Ukrainians – what is known

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Russian Orthodox Church has fully supported Putin’s aggression against Ukraine. Patriarch Kirill, following the propaganda, repeatedly repeated that he considers Russians and Ukrainians “one people . ” In addition, according to the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, there is nothing wrong with dying on the territory of a foreign state.

The ROC is also recruiting parishioners for the war. So, one priest spoke about this: “People die – like pigs choke on vomit … So it’s better to die for the motherland with weapons in hand. Still have time to pray before death – and the soul went to heaven.”

At the same time, losses among the “military priests”, who are also sent to help the occupiers in Ukraine, are constantly growing .

Who is Stremousov – what is known about the deceased collaborator

Before the full-scale invasion, Stremousov positioned himself as a blogger from Kherson. Kirill spread pro-Russian narratives and was often seen in provocations.

During the occupation of the city, Stremousov defected to the side of the enemy and headed one of the occupation bodies, supported the torture and persecution of Ukrainians. Before entering Kherson, the Ukrainian forces fled to Genichesk, but on the way, his car was run over by a Russian tank.

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