The expert spoke about the secret deal between the US and China on the division of Russia (video)

Oleg Davygora 23:53, 10.03.23

Russia will no longer be just a junior partner, but absolutely dependent on China.

Political scientist and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky said that China and the United States are considering a deal on Russia and the Ukrainian issue. Beijing is offered Russian territories so that it does not help the enemy.

“The fall of Putin will certainly open a period of Russian unrest and weakening of Russia. China has never forgotten about its national tasks, about the return of at least the original Chinese lands from Vladivostok to the North Sea, as they call Baikal. Russia will no longer be just a junior partner, absolutely dependent “Strategically, it works to the benefit of the great China, it is calmly preparing to absorb its booty in one way or another,” he said on the air . 

The expert noted that the weakening of Russia as a result of the defeat creates an opportunity for China to actually turn the entire zone into its political dominance.

“Regardless of the intention of individuals, there is clearly a political solution for China on the table. The United States agrees to the expansion of Chinese influence in Siberia, provided that China abandons its ambitions and the territorial seizure of Taiwan. This is such a deal that becomes completely obvious,” Piontkovsky added. .

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  1. Sounds a fair deal to me……………….Siberia to China………….instead of Taiwan! Deal!

  2. Mafia land’s days as the world’s largest country are numbered. It’s anyone’s guess in what pieces it’ll disintegrate into and what’ll be left over, if anything. One thing is for sure; their “friends”, bat virus land, will bite out a huge chunk of it.

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