The expert spoke about the big problems of the Russian Federation with aviation (video)

Oleg Davygora22:59, 10.03.23

Valery Romanenko believes that helicopters in Russia will now fall down.

In the Russian Federation, helicopters are increasingly crashing . The thing is that Ukraine has ceased to supply the enemy with engines and spare parts, which really have no analogues.

“There is a systemic problem with helicopters. The Motor Sich plant stopped supplying engines and spare parts for engines, and there is no other manufacturer in Russia. They had Klimov’s company, it produced engines the same analogues of the Ukrainian VK 2500, they received from Motor Sich “motor kits, a screwdriver assembly was in progress, some small parts and a shell were attached. Helicopters will now fall down – this is without options. What will happen to other types of aircraft, passenger aircraft, well, let’s see the beginning of the season. How they manage to rip planes now that stand near the fence, remove spare parts from them and put them on the existing ones. This will be shown by the period of intensive operation,”  said Valery Romanenko, a leading aviation expert.

He believes that then it will already be possible to look at the results of practice, when planes simply sneak. 

“The planes that were previously leased, and on demand, should have been returned to their owners, that’s how effective cannibalization will be, moreover, in the conditions that the centers for repairing these aircraft and servicing them are also revoked under license. Accordingly, earnings there are low and better specialists will leave there,” the expert added.

Aviation incidents in Russia – latest news

A helicopter from the motorcade of Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, landed extremely unsuccessfully on the territory of the Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant . The aircraft hit a road sign while landing.

On board the plane of the Rossiya airline, which was flying from Sochi to Krasnoyarsk, the cabin was depressurized . 

On January 24, 2023, in Russia, a passenger on an Airbus A321 aircraft of Ural Airlines filmed how  fuel began to leak from the wing of the liner right before takeoff

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