Protesters In Georgia Present New Ultimatum To The Authorities

They will leave the streets only if these demands are met.


Georgian protesters have given a new ultimatum to the authorities of the country, demanding the dissolution of the government and the calling of early elections.

The protesters are ready to leave the streets only in case the aforementioned demands are met, the Rustavi 2 Georgian TV channel reports.

Earlier the protesters demanded from the authorities to abandon the law on “foreign agents” and release all those detained during the rallies. These demands have already been met.

A new ultimatum was voiced by opposition politicians in the evening of Thursday, March 9, on the third day of mass protests in the Georgian capital. People once again gathered in front of the Georgian parliament.

It is worth noting that the protesters are holding not only Georgian flags but Ukrainian flags as well, thus expressing solidarity with the Ukrainian people in the war with Russia.

Additionally, the protesters are carrying EU symbols, emphasizing Georgian society’s European aspirations. Part of the opposition notes that it will not stop the street protests until it is convinced that the country’s European path is unshakable.


  1. I hope very much that Georgia’s Freedom Square Maidan will end in success, as Ukraine’s Euromaidan did. Get rid of the pro-mafia regime now, and secure your freedom and a bright future with Europe!

    • Real Georgians have to rid themselves of Moskali in their parliament. Every damn one of them couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Georgia and every damn one of them are a trojan horse to destroy Georgia. But Sir Foccusser’s law of blindness applies here too.

  2. I had read somewhere that the protesters are now demanding new elections. I pray the Georgian patriots manage rid the country of the cancerous scum sucking orcs

    • That’s right, sir Cap. They demand the government’s resignation and early elections.

  3. Time to send all green men home, dead or alive, no matter where they’re swelling over RuSSia’s border.

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