Military Expert Explains Why Riots Expand Within Russian Army

The problems of the occupiers are superimposed on one another.


Today it became known that the mobilized residents of the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation refused to storm the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Shortly before this, a rebellion against the commanders was staged by the “mobilized newbies” from the Kaliningrad region and the military from the Moscow region.

What is the reason for the increase in the number of riots in the Russian army, and can they become massive?

Ukrainian military analyst Oleksandr Kovalenko answered the questions of the website:

— This is due primarily to the fact that absolutely unprepared mobilized freshmen are sent to the combat zone. They do not even receive some basic skills in combat operations, they are not morally and psychologically prepared. The second point is that they are sent not only without the appropriate skills, but as part of understaffed units.

Due to high losses in human and technical resources, the Russian army now lacks the capabilities that would make it possible to compensate for all losses, with the exception of human ones. They can very quickly compensate for human losses, but when it comes to technology, everything is very difficult for Russia there.

To date, the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation is not a manufacturing complex, but is a large repair base for maintenance and, in some cases, modernization of equipment that is removed from conservation and sent to the combat zone. This does not allow to fully meet the staffing needs of the units, so they do not have the required amount of equipment.

A number of other problems also arise. Again, this is a shell hunger, there is not enough proportional distribution of ammunition among artillery units. Other units, accordingly, do not receive the necessary support from the artillery needed in the offensive, and so on. In addition to everything — the low level of logistics of military personnel. The Russians do not have enough equipment, not everyone can even have a full ammunition load.

In fact, Russia has a large number of complex problems that overlap one another. The units that are sent to the combat zone are not morally and psychologically ready to fulfill the tasks assigned to them, and, accordingly, they do not have any support. The commanders of these units are also unprofessional, because for the most part they are also mobilized, who have been taught something in haste. The result is such an unprofessional, low-quality, untrained, unprepared and unequipped resource. Of course, they begin to have nervous breakdowns there, indignation about this, and so on.

But there is something else remarkable about all this. Almost all of them complain that they do not have enough weapons and equipment to kill Ukrainians. They do not resent the fact that they were sent to Ukraine for this war at all. This speaks volumes. This is the case when the killer does not repent of his crimes, but complains that he lacks the tools to commit them.

— Can the riots cover a larger number of the military and become massive?

— I do not believe that this can happen en masse, because Russia is a repressive state. With some they will “settle things”, some will be shot, that’s all. Everything is quite simple here. Well, or they will punish you with a mop. This is Russia, after all. Here, no one will conduct heart-to-heart democratic conversations.

Of course, some disturbances will still appear, but at the local level, they will not acquire a mass character.

On the other hand, the moral and psychological state in the Russian units is indeed very low, fatal. This also affects the performance of assigned combat missions. There is not only a question of equipment, machinery, professional skills, but also an emotional state. This demotivation will manifest itself in the form of protests and negatively affect the ability of Russians to conduct both offensive and defensive actions.

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  1. “I do not believe that this can happen en masse, because Russia is a repressive state. With some they will “settle things”, some will be shot, that’s all. Everything is quite simple here.”

    Yes, this is mafia land. You get murdered for the smallest thing, like for just saying слава україні.
    Although it’s sad, I agree that this will not be a mass phenomenon. The average ruskie is too scared for his worthless life to resist his slave drivers. He knows that he will die tomorrow, but this gives him another day to rape, or get drunk.

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