From the LinkedIn page of Maryna Chekh

Mar 9

‼️ Zaporozhye NPP was completely de-energized due to missile strikes; if it is impossible to resume the external power supply of the station within 10 days, “an accident with radiation consequences for the whole world may occur,” Energoatom warned.


  1. ZNPP is under putinazi occupation.
    Were the bastards actually trying for a Chernobyl situation and attempting to put Ukraine in the frame, or was it planned as a warning?
    Who knows what these nazi scum will or won’t do?

    • I saw one photo of an unexploded artillery shell on top of one of the buildings. I was hoping we could identify it and show it to the UN where they are all hiding under their desks and suddenly go blind when Ukraine provides evidence that it is NOT the Ukrainians shelling their own power station…

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