After the scandal with the financing of the occupiers, Auchan doubles its presence in Russia

Yana Stavskaya19:57, 10.03.23

“My Auchan” will offer an assortment of about 900 items.

French  supermarket chain “Auchan” doubles its presence in the Russian market.

According to Reuters , the company is opening a new store in the aggressor country, where they will sell almost exclusively goods under their own brand.

Thus, as the agency notes, Auchan is doubling its presence in Russia, while Western business mostly avoids this market because of the war in Ukraine.

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The new store “My Auchan” will offer an assortment of about 900 items, 90% of which will be food products under their own brands.

Auchan stated that the main goal of its presence in Russia is to provide the population with quality products at affordable prices.

Scandal with “Auchan” – the network finances the occupiers

In January, “Auchan” was convicted of financing the Russian occupiers. As it became known from the materials of a journalistic investigation , employees of the Russian office of the company bought food, sleeping bags and even cigarettes for the military.

The administration of the Russian “Auchan” carried out these deliveries as “humanitarian aid” to the people of Donbass.

The network itself denies everything , but at the same time refuses to leave the Russian market. The NAPC put the company on the list  of sponsors of international terrorism .

Auchan continues to operate on the Ukrainian market, however, due to the reputation of the French “mother” and the Russian “sister “, it has significantly lost its profits .

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