A Russian occupier flies high above the ground after Ukrainian artillery strike


Ukrainian artillerymen destroyed the position of the Russian invaders with an accurate shot.

According to Tsenzor.NET, the effective work of the Ukrainian artillerymen was recorded by a drone , through which the attack was corrected. The moment when the body of one of the occupiers is thrown high up and thrown several tens of meters away from the explosion site was also captured by the UAV camera.

Источник: https://censor.net/ru/v3404853


  1. Beautiful flight! Maybe we’ll see some competition to flying turrets with flying cockroaches.

  2. Arms manufacturers should send their new stuff to Ukraine for testing on the ruSSians. Would also benefit our military intelligence. 🤣

    • And good advertising too 😉 This artillery shell can toss a Russian 20 meters, this one 60 meters…
      This shell can toss a T-90 turret 60 meters, this one 70 meters…
      This sniper rifle can shoot through 2 Russians, this one 3…

    • I’m guessing that’s why America sent that remote controlled drone attack boat. You guys used it pretty effectively to harass the russian shipping, and I think it evaded their radar too!

  3. Zelenski absolutely needs to commend the crew for this in front of a big monitor showing their feat of accomplishment!!!!!

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