When the Abrams arrive: the Pentagon made an important statement

Yuri Kobzar20:01, 09.03.23

The United States has decided on where the tanks will be taken from for shipment to Ukraine and when they will be delivered.

The Pentagon has already launched a plan to send M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. This was stated by the head of the supply department of the US Army Doug Bush at an online event organized by Defense News .

It is noted that at the beginning of the year, when the delivery of Abrams to Ukraine was announced, the Pentagon did not yet have a ready plan of action – to remove ready-made tanks from the US Army’s own stocks, or to order new ones from the manufacturer. But now Doug Bush said that there is already a plan of action.

“We’re doing it. We just can’t talk about the details,” he said.

The Pentagon spokesman noted that the supply of tanks to Ukraine is a more difficult task than it seems to the layman.

“It’s not just sending a tank. The tank itself is not combat ready. You have to send the whole package. This includes ammunition, vehicles to maintain it, fuel, you have to be trained on the system so that it is effective in combat,” Bush explained.

According to him, the Pentagon intends to “prepare equipment for shipment in such a way that it does not affect the combat readiness of US Army units and does not affect the supply of equipment to other allies.” At the same time, he refused to announce even the estimated delivery dates for the tanks and expressed doubt that these dates would be named in principle.

“We don’t want to give the Russians an understanding of when and what will arrive, but we’re trying to get it done as quickly as possible,” Bush said.

Delivery of Abrams tanks to Ukraine

On January 25, US President Joe Biden announced the delivery of 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. At the same time, no, even approximate dates were not named.

The next day, US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said that these tanks would definitely not have time to arrive in Ukraine in time for the start of the spring offensive.

On the anniversary of the Russian invasion, US Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth admitted that the Abrams would arrive in Ukraine no earlier than a year later . Moreover, she called these terms the fastest possible.

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  1. Be most concerned about Ukraine’s combat-readiness. Bakhmut is encircled by Wagner-psychos on Krokodil!

    • Wagner cockroaches are on hard drugs, for sure, by they haven’t yet surrounded Bakhmut.

  2. “We’re doing it. We just can’t talk about the details,”

    Good. Doing it is better than talking about doing it.

  3. Unfortunatly the US does have other serious commitments by allies who are under serious threat.
    Poland has realy put themselves out there for Ukraine and have reduced their amrored forces conciderably.
    Taiwan is subject to Chinese attack at any given time but realisticly in the next few years. Any weapon that provides a deturent is essencial.
    Now there is also Romainia who has ordered up to 80 vehicles.
    However this has to be tempered but the fact every M-1 in Ukraine that destroys a Russian…well anythingm, is less that our allies have to face in the future.
    If I was a staff oficer I would recommend that a company of Abrams be taken out of the forward storage depots in Belgium and sent to Ukraine for training and if needed in an emergince they can be sent to the front. Meanwhile the tanks coming off the assemmbly line at Lima can be sent to our allies and back fill the depots as well as being forwarded to Ukraine.
    This will give the army time to work with the vehicle on their own terms not just at the NATO base in Germany.
    It is a slow process but there are a lot of voices clamoring for this weapon.

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