Turkey suddenly blocked the transit of sanctioned goods to Russia – media

Yuri Kobzar18:04, 09.03.23

After the visit of an American top diplomat to Ankara, Turkish customs suddenly remembered that it was illegal to circumvent sanctions.

Turkey has sharply blocked the transit of sanctioned goods to Russia . Russian entrepreneurs spoke about this in a commentary to Kommersant FM .

According to market participants, the Turkish customs, without warning, began to block the clearance of precisely sanctioned goods, the supply of which in Russia is called “parallel imports.”

“Last night, we started receiving letters that the Turkish customs system is blocking the transit clearance of goods of non-Turkish origin. This morning they tried to process it again, but the system really blocks everything,” said one of the interlocutors.

According to the commercial director of Transasia Logistics, Valeria Savenkova, there will be no official explanation from Turkey, since Ankara would admit that it is helping Russia to circumvent sanctions. 

Some interlocutors suggested to the publication that the stoppage of the transit of sanctioned goods is directly related to the recent visit to Turkey by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

How Turkey Helps Russia Avoid Sanctions

Over the past year, Western media have repeatedly written that Turkey is helping Russia to circumvent sanctions. In particular, Turkey has become one of the main routes for the supply of modern chips and microcircuits manufactured in the EU and other states.

US officials have explicitly warned Turkey that it could face unpleasant consequences if it continues to help Russia circumvent sanctions.

Large-scale purchases of Russian oil by Turkish companies have become a separate area of ​​Turkish assistance to the aggressor . Some of this oil is processed at Turkish refineries, and some is resold further.

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  1. “US officials have explicitly warned Turkey that it could face unpleasant consequences if it continues to help Russia circumvent sanctions.”

    US officials have been exceedingly slow in issuing warnings to this muslim shithole, which shouldn’t be a NATO member anymore.

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