The allies knew of Russia’s pre-planned rape strategy

Lemuel Chyme, Palookaville Free Press

Mar 9

In a recent Brian Whitmore podcast, one of his guests revealed that Ukraine deployed a psy-op on the advancing orcs in the run-up to Putin’s Holocaust. They tried texting them to warn them what would happen to them.

Replies came back: “fuck you; we are going to rape your women and kill you.”

The Ukrainians and the allies knew long before that there was a pre-planned mass rape strategy. They knew also of the plan to bomb Ukrainian cities, subjugate Ukrainians, steal off them, have public executions of people they didn’t like : ie anyone who was opposed to the fascist nightmare known as the roosky mir. They planned to kidnap little children, establish torture chambers and inflict many other unimaginably brutal and savage atrocities. The Ukrainians would be battered into submission and cease to exist as an independent unitary state.

That has not been achieved, thank God, but the terrible threat remains.

RIA Novosti published some of these intentions and Putin implied it in his own version of Mein Kampf, which was inspired by the genocidal nazi Aleksandr Dugin. Kremlin propagandists such as Vladimir Solovyov had been calling for Ukrainian cities to be bombed for at least eighteen months before the all out invasion commenced.

Prigozhin is known to have said: “do what you like to Ukrainians; we don’t care and you will never be in any trouble.” Russian commanders of regular forces said the same thing. Phone intercepts prove beyond all doubt.

Yet the allies never sent air defences, tanks, artillery or missiles. They sent Javelins and NLAW’s, which helped the defenders to win the battle of Kyiv, but not a lot more. Instead they went for the “trickledown” approach to military aid. Which does not work.

This is a terrible failure of moral responsibility and an attempt to wriggle out of the obligations of Budapest.

No doubt a slippery lawyer like Bill Clinton was aware of the legal trickery that enabled the signatories to evade these obligations.

Clearly the Ukrainians thought they would be safe when they signed it. Kravchuk though had second thoughts and started to waver, but he was eventually pressured into it. Clinton told him that he must sign, otherwise there would be irreparable damage done to US-Ukraine relations.

An orgy of depraved savagery was threatened and subsequently delivered. Yet still, one year on, the allies have not delivered long range fires or modern attack drones and are still debating whether to provide modern jets.

US Ambassador Donald M Blinken; father of Anthony, was a witness to the signing. To see what a total pig’s breakfast Budapest was, see Wiki:

Brian Whitmore: The Power Vertical:


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