Russia hit Kyiv with a Kinzhal missile, it hit an infrastructure object – KGVA

Vitaly Saenko08:25, 09.03.23

At the same time, thanks to the work of Ukrainian air defense, attacks by cruise missiles and UAVs on the capital were not allowed.

In Kyiv, according to preliminary data, a Russian aeroballistic missile of the Kinzhal type hit an infrastructure facility. In the capital, the air raid lasted almost 7 hours. 

It  is reported by  the Kiev city military administration. During the missile attack, Russia released almost all types of its air weapons – from “Shahed” kamikaze drones to almost all kinds of cruise missiles.

“Thanks to the work of our air defense, strikes with cruise missiles and UAVs were not allowed in the capital. But, unfortunately, an aeroballistic missile of the Kinzhal type (preliminary information) hit an infrastructure facility,” said Sergei Popko, head of the KMVA. 

He added that all services are working at the site of impact, the elimination of the consequences continues.

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