Protests in Georgia have increased and tensions are rising hourly

From the LinkedIn page of Andrew Pryma

Mar 9

Protests in #Georgia have increased, and tensions are rising hourly. Georgians, like Ukrainians, want to live in a democratic world and be a part of EU society. Well, the part of the Georgian government that #Putin influences think differently. This faction has passed a law that removes freedom of the press in a country where the government controls a large media share. 
Putin does not like that #Ukraine, #Moldova, and #Georgia have applied for EU membership and want to change this by taking control of all media in these countries. Have you noticed that all three countries have lost part of their territory through the Russian invasion?
Only with complete media control can you successfully brainwash your citizens and receive 80% of their support to kill innocent people in other countries, particularly in Ukraine. 
These protests could lead to a revolution in Georgia, like in Ukraine in 2013-2014. If they stand up for their freedom, they will have a future. If they don’t, they will become a Russian slave like Belarus, where protestors could not reach their goal of ousting Lukashenko in 2021.





From the FB page of Lisa Yasko:

(Google translation) :

I’ll just write about when I hear our Ukrainian anthem now at the events in Georgia, I can’t hold my tears!

I’ll write it here in continuation of the previous post.

Keeping a close eye on Georgia. We don’t make loud statements, but we support the people’s right to dignity and freedom! What we see now in Georgia is very close to us Ukrainians.

Scary to watch the disperse.

Women and men who, despite the reservoirs, hold the flags of Georgia and the EU! This is something incredible!

Don’t ruin the moment !

Georgia, take care of yourself and your freedom!

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  1. May these brave Georgians persevere and, like their Ukrainian friends once had done, oust the Moscovian evilness that has befallen their government.

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