Played it out: the United States imposed sanctions against China for helping Iran and the Russian Federation

Yuri Kobzar19:26, 09.03.23

Suppliers of components for the production of kamikaze drones were hit.

The US has sanctioned several Chinese companies that are helping Iran produce Shahed military drones . It is reported by the US Treasury Department .

So, five legal entities and one individual were under American restrictions. The companies themselves are based in China, but supply components for aircraft, including drones, to Iran.

It is noted that Chinese companies supplied components for the Iranian Aircraft Industrial Company, which is engaged in the production of Shahed-136 kamikaze drones.

As a result of the sanctions imposed today, all assets in the United States of those included in the list will be frozen. US residents are prohibited from making any transactions with sanctioned companies and their subsidiaries. 

In addition, any non-US financial institution may also be subject to sanctions if it provides its services to companies on the sanctions list.

Iranian UAVs in Russian hands

Since the fall of last year, the Russian aggressor has been using Shahed-136 kamikaze drones and similar models purchased from Iran to strike at the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine.

So, early in the morning of March 9, another massive shelling of Ukraine took place , during which the invaders used 8 Iranian Shahed-136/131 drones. Half of them were shot down by Ukrainian air defense forces.

In February, it became known that Iran began modifying kamikaze drones being handed over to the Russians to make them even more deadly. They were equipped with a new type of warhead with a radial cumulative effect, which can lead to a larger area of ​​destruction.

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  1. China: we dont deliver weapons to Russia. We only supply goods to Iran for drones to use by Russia in Ukraine.

  2. When will everyone who has a sense of righteousness boycott products made in bat virus land? This is an evil entity, belonging to the same cesspool club as mafia land, Iran and North Korea.

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