What if the ‘Russia’s world’ comes to Europe?

March 8, 2023

War crimes, torture, killings, impunity, and utter disregard for human rights and international law are what the so-called “Russia’s world” brings to every patch of land it occupies. As a warning of the danger of Moscow’s ideological doctrine to Europeans, an installation called “Russkiy Mir” was set up near the Russian embassy in Berlin on Feb. 22.

The Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security of Ukraine, a partner in the Vitsche Berlin project and ISD group creative agency, initiated the project. Kyiv Post has spoken to Svitlana Myronchuk, the Project Director of the Communication Agency ISD group, to find out more about the installation and the attitude towards Russians and Russia’s war in Germany.


  1. Ruskie mir in Europe? For certain, I wish ruskie mir in a couple of European countries. Top candidates are Hungary, Switzerland and Austria. I wish them the same things that Ukraine must endure; killings, murders, rapes, destruction, looting … all the nice things of ruskie mir that they are doing exactly nothing to help to stop.

    • I think Ukraine wouldn’t mind opening a corridor for mafia land to reach these worthless, fascist, money worshiping countries.

  2. Fuck the Pentagon for blocking the Biden Administration from sharing evidence of potential Russian war crimes with the International Criminal Court including details of Russia’s intention to target civilian infrastructure and abduct Ukrainian children.

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