US considering mounting Western air-to-air missiles on Ukrainian MiGs – media

08.03.2023 06:19

The U.S. military is studying whether it is possible to integrate advanced Western air-to-air missiles with Ukraine’s Soviet-era fighter jets.

That’s according to the American news outlet Politico, Ukrinform reports.

“Officials are looking into whether AIM-120 advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles, designed to be fired from Western fighter jets such as the U.S.-made F-16, can be mounted on Ukraine’s existing MiGs,” the report said.

If the work is successful, it would be the first time the U.S. has given Ukrainian aircraft the capability to fire air-to-air missiles, some of which are already in their inventory.

Earlier reports said that the United States was working with Ukrainian pilots to determine how much time it will take to train them to fly F-16 fighter jets.



  1. Absolute waste of time and money.

    Just give Ukrainians the Missiles, they will soon make them work as they have a greater ability to think outside of the box.

    • I think it is not that easy as they are incompatible with the computer that migs have.

      I think Ukrainians are smart but they propably need help with coding as it all has to be rewritten to another programming language.

      And then we haven’t talked about physical things like mounting and launching them.

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