Ukraine is building up its forces for an offensive

It has received a bonanza of Western arms in the last few months. The flow of Western weapons for the AFU has turned from “a trickle to a flood”.


The Ukrainian army can prepare for serious counteroffensives. This is evidenced by the supply of Western arms from partners.

The Economist reported.

Ukraine is getting ready

The news agency notes that Ukraine has been accumulating forces and military equipment in recent months, which may indicate preparations for a counteroffensive.

The Economist emphasizes that “the flow of arms has accordingly turned from a trickle to a flood” and the training of Ukrainian soldiers is well underway.

Of all the military aid pledged by the Pentagon since the war began, 40% has come in the three recent months. The infusion of arms agreed in Germany in January 2023 amounts to two-thirds of the total sent to Ukraine last year.

In the near future, Ukraine will receive not only tanks, but also other armoured vehicles, which play a significant role in the offensive, according to the journalists. Furthermore, publication emphasizes that the Ukrainian army is transformed and, once in the very near future, almost a third of Ukraine’s army will soon have nato-standard equipment.

“But whereas the ratio of Ukrainian to Western kit stood at five to one at the end of last year, that is expected to fall to five to two as the aid flows in,” the edition notes.

Zaluzhny’s plans

According to The Economist, the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General Valery Zaluzhny, hopes that he will eventually have three new army corps at his disposal, each with six brigades, and each comprising more than 20,000 soldiers.

The publication also notes that while the Ukrainian army will hold the Russian offensive near Bakhmut, part of the military is being trained abroad. In all likelihood, this will help to change the tactics of hostilities.

“During its offensives last year, Ukraine’s army largely attacked in company-sized formations. The training in Grafenwoehr is intended to bring these together into bigger battalions and brigades capable of waging “combined-arms” warfare, in which infantry, armour, artillery and other combat arms work together rather than just sequentially, as is mostly the case now,” the article reads.

Russia’s capabilities

Journalists do not rule out that Russia may intensify its assaults in the east. However, the capabilities of the invaders are limited due to its depleted human and technical reserves.

According to experts, the enemy can recover units from other parts of the front in Donbas. In this case, it will create a gap that the AFU can use to attack.


  1. Bakhmut and other hotspots are there only to hold and to burn cockroaches and their gear. The real action is coming soon to a theater near you. Let me say this much; the AFU is working closely together with the US and British army to assure the best possible planning.

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