‘UFO With Aliens Also Was There’

Belarusians are making fun of Lukashenka’s statements about the Machulishchy incident.


Today, Lukashenka confirmed the damage to the Russian A-50U airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft in Machulishchy, calling it a “terrorist attack.” He blamed a “Ukrainian saboteur”, the Security Service of Ukraine (the SBU) and the CIA for this.

Readers of the website Charter97.org reacted emotionally to the dictator’s statement. Here are some comments:

“UFO with aliens also was there, but the air defence was late to shot it down. They flew away, but we will find them and shoot them by name. Another fake for Putin. It did not work with Xi. He is crawling back.”

“The Lukashenka regime is degrading before our eyes.”

“Another tale: a fake about a kind of Mr X by the Shklou’s schizophrenic and his puppet Chekist.”

“The cockroach is hallucinating. Firstly – Mr X, then Frau A.”

“The Mustachioed was saying that they didn’t damage anything, that it was a fake, but someone had already been found.”

“The next tales not from the crypt yet, but there will be one for sure.”


  1. For sure, when the mustachioed potato president first got news of the strike, he had a shit fit. I would’ve loved to see his expression.

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