Trump said he would let Russia seize a piece of Ukraine

Yana Stavskaya20:39, 08.03.23

Trump’s phrase about Ukraine was cut by American Fox News from the air in prime time.

Former US President Donald Trump , the main opponent of the Biden Administration, responded on Fox News radio how he would end the war in Ukraine. To avoid scandal, the editors decided to cut the phrase.

The inconsistencies in the interview drew the attention of Daily Beast journalist Justin Baragona. Trump said all he had to do was let Russia “take over” parts of Ukraine.

Trump has boasted that Russia “captured nothing” during his presidency. He then added: “I could negotiate. In the worst case, I could negotiate to give them something to capture, there are certain areas that, frankly, are Russian-speaking, but that would be a deal.

However, the channel itself, sympathetic to the Republicans, cut this phrase from the air in prime time. At the words “I could agree …” Trump’s speech quickly breaks off and begins already with his position on China.

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      • i am not, I think Trump voters deserve some humiliation.
        He has been an arsegiver consistently but they just didn’t want to listen.

        • Obama was an assgiver, too. There are assholes in both Parties. Trump, Bernie etc. But for Trump & co i give you credit, since you are a Bert. 😎

          • Nope. It were Merkel and Barosso who could not stand the fact Ukraine wanted to stay out of the EU. But this did never justify a ruSSian genocide against ukrainians, and Putin will get the bill for his foolish actions!

  2. “I could negotiate. In the worst case, I could negotiate to give them something to capture, there are certain areas that, frankly, are Russian-speaking, but that would be a deal.”

    Seeing that most of Ukraine is russian speaking, is Vlads little helper suggesting russia will be given the most of Ukraine?

  3. Trump has been openly working for the interests of Russia at least since his interview with George Stephanopoulos back in 2014. He has been talking offensive, know-nothing bullshit about Ukraine ever since.
    If the GOP select this evil motherfucker for 2024, it will be an utter disgrace for them, a disaster for Ukraine and a triumph for putler.

  4. I’m wondering can I get copy rights to “FOI” or a meme. FOI= Fuckin Orange Idiot.

  5. This imbecile doesn’t have a chance. The big Republican donors are done with his shitshow and that is the main control mechanism.
    I don’t see a big bunch of donors coming behind Trump at this point,” said Andy Sabin, a metal mogul who gave over $100,000 to Trump over the years and who opened his Hamptons estate for a Trump fundraiser in 2019. “I wouldn’t give Trump a fucking nickel, and that hasn’t changed. As we get closer Trump is going to see the handwriting on the wall. Now, he may not care if he fucks everybody up. Trump worries only about Trump, so he may not care if we lose as long as he has his day in the park, but I don’t know any donor that wants to give a red nickel to Trump.”
    Sabin isn’t alone. Stephen Schwarzman, the CEO of Blackstone who donated $3.7 million to Trump and Trump affiliated groups over the last several years, said after the midterms that “It is time for the Republican Party to turn to a new generation of leaders, and I intend to support one of them in the presidential primaries.” Ken Griffin, the CEO of Citadel who gave $60 million to Republican candidates and campaigns in the 2022 cycle, also said after the midterms that “I’d like to think that the Republican Party is ready to move on from somebody who has been for this party a three-time loser,”

    • Sir Stanley I understand your sentiment however Trump is the biggest and most foul narcissist on this earth. No chance the FOI could ever acknowledge that he’s a piece of shit and no one likes him.

      • If he ,by some miracle,gets the nomination, he will tank the Republican’s chances of winning the presidency harder than any Democrat could ever even dream of. Trump would quite literally be the savior of the Democratic Party.

        • I admit I’m comforted, perhaps I’m only rationalizing, that FOI has not in any recent polls gotten anything above 43% leaving 57% of republicans looking for an alternative. Unfortunately DeSantis has 28% with Nikki down at 11%. I’m hoping the republicans see the value of Nikki being the Prez. She is the best IMHO.

  6. The FOI is polling better than other republicans and if that holds, we know the money will go to him. Donors may not want to give a red nickel to him but they will rally behind the FOI if that is where the most support it.

    Given that Texas is majority Hispanic, does that mean Mexico has a claim? Of course Trump would say no but perhaps might cede California. It makes about as much sense as drinking cleanser to fight COVID but we know what Trump has said about that.

    Anyway, who is better at disinformation, Trump or Putin? I’d say Putin is second rate.

  7. The so-called “quote” that forms the basis of this article and has been re-quoted in comments here is a flagrant misquote of what was actually said. Go listen to the interview. I generally find the content here accurate but you’ve embarrassed yourselves with an absolute false representation of the facts. I understand you all, most of you, hate Trump. Fair enough. Let’s look at what was actually said. It comes at a point when Trump is saying that Putin didn’t engage his military when Trump was president. Putin knew Trump would crush him. Trump then says at worst, he could have made a deal – I believe he’s talking about a deal with Ukraine. Then comes this quote: “I could’ve made a deal to take over something, there are certain areas that are Russian-speaking areas, frankly, but you could’ve worked a deal.” My take on this, given the context, is that Trump would have wanted something for the US from Ukraine in exchange for securing Ukraine against Russia. Probably has in mind a collaboration for economic, petroleum, mining, etc. development for the benefit of the US. It’s unfortunate that Trump runs his mouth without thinking first by using phraseology like “take over”. He’s not taking about partnering with Putin to invade Ukraine. If you all want to pile on Trump, yea, go for it. The least you can do is quote accurately.

    • “Putin didn’t engage his military when Trump was president. Putin knew Trump would crush him.”

      LOL. Putin knew he didn’t need to engage his military when he had a puppet in place who was talking about pulling the US out of NATO.

      “take over something, there are certain areas that are Russian-speaking areas”

      It’s pretty obvious to most of us that Trump was talking about allowing Russia to take over the Russian-speaking areas of Ukraine. (It was also obvious to Faux News, which is why they omitted that part when they replayed the audio during primetime.)

      “My take on this” … doesn’t explain why Trump referred to “Russian-speaking areas”. How do you account for that?

      • Yea, he runs his mouth a bit too much without thinking. The quote is “Russian-speaking areas, frankly, but you could’ve worked a deal”. He’s admitting that a US intervention may not have been a slam dunk solution because the locals, perhaps more so in Russian speaking areas, may not be exactly welcoming to US security forces. This conversation is about Trump (the US military) taking over something. It’s not an ideal situation but it would have prevented the colossal mess we have thanks to weak Biden leadership and the Obama appeasement strategy. Trump has said on other occasions that the US should be getting something more for all the help provided to Ukraine; something more than just providing security for financially delinquent NATO partners. By way of a reminder, the quote given in the original article & repeated in the comments was intentionally doctored to reflect badly on someone most people here hate, namely Trump. This is unethical journalism, plain & simple.

        • By the way, here’s the truth about why Putin didn’t engage his military when Trump was in office: Putin is afraid of him. Trump is an assassin. He plays Putin’s game. Look what Trump did to Soleimani. Sure that was in 2020 but there were other indications earlier on. Trump’s presence on the landscape makes being a bad guy a high risk occupation. The freedom loving world was much safer when Trump was in office.

            • And you choose to ignore facts. It’s a well-known fact that Trump ordered the assassination of Soleimani, who was easily vaporized while riding in a car near the Baghdad airport. I say that makes Trump an assassin. Putin would meet the same fate if anyone in Washington had even half – the equivalent of one – Trump testicle. But I know – acknowledging Trump’s successful leadership isn’t consistent with the FOI narrative.

          • Putin didn’t engage his military under Trump?
            He did so 24/7 killing Ukrainians every day!
            Never heard of the war in the Donbas?

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