Protesters in Georgia storm the parliament building: security forces fight back (video)

Anastasia Pechenyuk22:01, 08.03.23

Gas and water cannons are again used against the protesters.

The second day of the protest action against the “Russian law” in Georgia , like the first, is accompanied by clashes between the security forces and the protesters, News Georgia and Paper Kartuli write. 

The participants demanded that the authorities refuse to pass the law and release all detained demonstrators. Having received no reaction, the protesters, at the call of the leader of the opposition Strategy Agmashenebeli party, Giorgi Vashadze, decided to line up around the parliament – at the back entrance and side entrances.

The opposition politician suggested “peacefully picketing” the parliament, where deputies are to gather tomorrow. The protesters began to loosen the fences from the side entrances, knock on the fences, light fires and smoke bombs. storm the parliament

The security forces sounded a warning and began to drive the protesters away from the service entrances using gas and a water cannon. storm the parliament

The protesters responded with firecrackers. Subsequently, the protesters began to smash windows in the parliament building and break down barriers. center of Tbilisi at this moment: security forces are using water cannons against people.

Updated (21:40) “Georgian News” informs that the protesters are acting inconsistently.

“Everything is very chaotic. Separate groups are trying to break through, breaking windows, throwing something at the special forces. Others show with their hands that the action is peaceful. A little further, a large group is chanting Sakartvelo (Georgia’s self-name – UNIAN),” the newspaper writes.

Meanwhile, there are videos of the training of security forces, hundreds of equipped law enforcement officers moved from the side of Freedom Square to the parliament building. of special forces rush to the parliament of Georgia

Updated (21:58): “Georgian News” writes that arrests of protesters have begun. Paper Kartuli informs that shots are heard and publishes footage showing security forces opening fire in the air.

It is also reported that the security forces are massively using gas. The protesters run away. The security forces were able to occupy Rustaveli Avenue, pushing the protesters back.

Protests in Georgia – what you need to know

On March 7, the scandalous “Russian law” or “law on foreign agents” was supported by the Georgian parliament in the first reading. A similar one operates in the Russian Federation and is used by the Russian regime to combat non-governmental organizations and media sponsored from abroad.

This sparked massive protests that the opposition said would last daily “until victory.” 

On Tuesday, protests outside the parliament ended in clashes between protesters and security forces. The latter resorted to the use of pepper gas, water cannons and stun grenades. The protesters used Molotov cocktails. On the day of the action, several dozens of its participants were detained, and the next day the detentions continued.

On March 8, the Women’s March, timed to coincide with March 8, took place, which also opposed the adoption of the “Russian law”. Subsequently, the protest continued, already with the participation of the opposition. Thousands of demonstrators filled Rustaveli Street, where the parliament is located, and the surrounding streets.

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  1. Finally, there is some action in Georgia. It’s high time to oust the putler lapdog in Tbilisi. This should be a catalyst for other nations that are suffering from oppression. And, it should be an encouragement to the ongoing protests in Iran.

  2. Updated (23:27) Mariam Nikuradze, co-founder and director of Open Caucasus Media, reports that the situation is becoming chaotic.

    “Hot spots around the city in several places. People don’t leave.”

    The protest was also supported by residents of the resort Batumi. They started the action with the anthem of Ukraine.

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