“Chased them around like cockroaches”: drone operators from Territorial Defence disperse gang of occupiers

Aerial reconnaissance officers of the 103rd Separate Brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces injured four Russian soldiers, using explosives that they dropped from a UAV.

Source: a video of the 103rd Brigade, published on social networks

Quote: “We chased the occupiers around the field like cockroaches!

The first days of spring were not at all warm for the Russian occupiers, who were unlucky enough to catch the eye of the aerial reconnaissance of one of the battalions of the 103rd Brigade.

With two accurate drops [of explosives], our UAV operators dispersed this wandering gang in different directions, but four of them will not be able to return to their formation soon to rob and kill Ukrainians again.”

Details: Ukrainian soldiers once again warned uninvited guests: “Get out of Ukrainian land!”.

The front where the effective work of the Defense Forces took place is traditionally not disclosed.



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