What do Ukrainians think about russians now?


  1. It’s perhaps superfluous to say that I don’t know a single soul in Ukraine who doesn’t deeply hate russia, the russians, and everything about them. Even those who once loved russia now hate the shithole.
    Concurrently to finding hate for mafia land, everyone found love for Ukraine. This war has done more for increasing and securing patriotism than any other event in its history. I think the stinky runt in the Kremlin knows this, and this makes him burn up with anger. Mafia land can never win, not when it must face such strong people.
    Слава Україні!
    Смерть Росії!
    Glory to Ukraine!
    Death to russia!

    • Some of speakers on that vox pop had relatives in putlerstan that they were no longer in touch with. Apart from the horror of invasion and genocide, families are shattered, because they trust kremkrapp more than their relatives.
      I have a Ukrainian friend from the Azov near Mariupol; an ethnic Russian with a typical Russian name and Russian face, who volunteered to fight for Ukraine in 2014 as an officer. He came out of retirement last year and fought as an infantryman. He is now involved in back room activities.
      His parents stopped talking to him in 2014. He is effectively dead to them. Their diet of putinazi TV destroyed their humanity.
      The old boy in the vid whose son is fighting looks to be in his 70’s, which means his son is in advanced middle age.
      The oldest Ukrainian tanker studying Challies in the UK is 71!
      This war is demanding everything from men and women of all ages. Ukraine needs to have one of the world’s largest armies in order to win and survive long term.

      • Yes, it really does boggle the mind to see the massive amounts of shit that people are willing to swallow. Even the statements from their own families are worth nothing for these brainless creatures.

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