Watch Russian Tanks Run Into the Same Trap Near Vuhledar, Ukraine | WSJ

In recent weeks, Russia launched repeated attacks on the eastern Ukrainian town of Vuhledar, where Western and Ukrainian officials say Moscow lost dozens of armored military vehicles, tanks and hundreds of troops.

WSJ examines videos from the area to understand Russian military tactics and offensive strategy.

0:00 Why has Russia’s Vuhledar offensive proven so costly for Moscow?

0:49 Why Russian troops have continued to go through this Ukrainian choke point

2:36 What is the extent of Russia’s losses at Vuhledar?

You can never get sick of watching orc stupidity. It must be in the russian genes.


  1. “You can never get sick of watching orc stupidity.”
    “It must be in the russian genes.”

    I can’t ever get tired of watching orcs get killed. I’m convinced that stupidity is embedded in ruskie genes.

    • Its the same with their hand to hand fighting techniques, they do the same thing over and over and over again. Anyone knows you have to change it up and become unpredictable or you lose.

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