The Life of a Disgraced English Barrister

I come across this on Jake Broe’s channel last night. It concerns an English barrister who was disbarred for bringing his profession into dispute.


  1. Sounded interesting. I do appreciate his notion of not visiting any propagandist as all it does is give these asses life

  2. The buttfucking barrister has a Greek or Greek Cypriot name. Unfortunately RuZZia still has support in those communities.
    I encountered a Cypriot regular family lawyer shortly after putler’s Holocaust commenced. He was a charming and reasonable guy and then he mentioned Ukraine. He said “Putin is wrong to invade Ukraine but is fully justified because of the terrible treatment of ethnic Russians in Ukraine by Ukraine.”
    Nothing I could say to him would alter his view. It was then that I realised just how pervasive kremkrapper propaganda is. Not only is it effective on people who already are assholes or fuckwits, it unfortunately works on seemingly normal people too.

    • That is why we’re here, to answer the propaganda. It was even more pervasive years ago as you know, there was hardly any answer to it for many years. People tend to believe the initial information they get, regardless of the absurdity. Imagine Ukrainians attacking Ukrainians immediately after the Maidan protests brought everyone together. As I often remind people, right before Putin sent in his shock troops the people of the Donbas were tearing down Lenin statues so it was not even possible there to have some form of a separatist movement.

    • I’m sorry to disagree with you, scradge, but no one can be normal if he or she willingly swallows the fetid sewage that is served by mafia land and refuses to consider other factors.

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