Russia’s staggering losses in the battles for Bakhmut have been revealed

Yana Stavska18:45, 07.03.23

The Armed Forces of Ukraine can hold Bakhmut for another month, although the city is surrounded on three sides.

Russia lost up to 30,000 of its fighters in attempts  to capture Bakhmut , writes  The Guardian , referring to the assessment of Western officials.

These statistics include both killed and wounded occupiers, the material specifies. At the same time, the sources of the publication refused to name the losses of the Armed Forces, noting only that they are “much smaller”.

It is also said that most of the dead Russians were among the convicts recruited to “Wagner”.

“The mortality rate of the Wagner was significantly higher than that of the Russian armed forces,” the officials said. The losses of the “Wagnerians” and the personnel troops of the Russian Federation are 3:1.

If the numbers are accurate, it means that the Russian Federation suffered more losses than the United States in 20 years of operations in Afghanistan, where a little less than 21,000 soldiers were killed and wounded, the journalists write.

According to Western officials, Ukraine can still maintain and resupply its military in Bakhmut, even though the city is surrounded on three sides. They added that the Armed Forces can “hold out for another month” or decide to make a tactical withdrawal “within a week.” However, the course of the long battle remains uncertain.

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