Russia loses 5 times more soldiers than Ukraine in battles for Bakhmut – CNN

6 MARCH 2023

The Russian occupiers lost five times more soldiers in the battles for Bakhmut in Donetsk Oblast than the Ukrainian defenders.

Source: CNN referring to a NATO military official familiar with the North Atlantic Alliance’s intelligence data

Details: NATO intelligence estimates that Russian troops lost at least five fighters for every Ukrainian soldier who died defending Bakhmut.

The official stressed that the ratio of five to one is a reasonable estimate based on intelligence data. He added that Ukraine also suffered significant losses defending the city. 

What preceded this: 

  • At the end of February, the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine reported that the military personnel of the Russian army were forced to replace the mercenaries of Wagner Group PMC on the Bakhmut front because most of the PMC units were killed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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  1. The usual casualty-rate for attacker-defender is 3:1. I am glad that the AFU has increased it to 5:1. The more cockroaches that get fried, the better for Ukraine and this planet.

  2. The terrible tragedy is that for every 1000 orc vermin that get taken out, 200 irreplaceable Ukrainians with souls lose their life. Annualize it and you get 70,000; a staggering number.
    The horror of Bakhmut has continued for half a year or more because the defenders are outgunned, outnumbered and the allies did not do nearly enough to help. Trickledown does not work.

    • So right right Sir Scradgel so so right.

      Слава Україні!
      Героям слава! 

    • Indeed, everything you say is correct. Personally, I tend to think what would’ve happened if mafia land has very competent generals, and/or Ukraine has fools as generals. This war would’ve been over around a year ago already.

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