Riots, Minus One Battalion Daily: Way AFU ‘Grinding Up’ Russians Near Vuhledar

The occupiers have serious problems.


Oleksiy Dmitrashkovsky, spokesman for the Tavrian direction of the AFU, told Channel 24 about the situation near Vuhledar.

Russians Have Serious Problems Near Vuhledar

“The Cossack detachment” accuses the leadership of the Russian armed forces of incompetence, improper decision-making and lack of strategy. In addition, the occupiers complain about a lack of supplies.

“This situation is not only with the Steppe battalion. The situation is even worse with the 155th Marine Brigade, which has already changed three commanders in the last month. The last of them was convoyed to Rostov yesterday because he also refused to take his units into battle,” the spokesman of the Tavrian direction said.

According to him, the occupant commander motivated his decision by the invaders’ lack of personnel, equipment and ammunition.

Occupiers Losing One Battalion Each Day

At the same time, Russian occupants continue to storm Vuhledar. During March 5, the invaders carried out 45 assault actions near Maryinka and Avdiivka, Donetsk Region.

However, all attacks by the enemy were unsuccessful. The Russians are trying to find a weak point in our defence, but they fail. The AFU gives a decent response and holds its positions. In return, the occupation army is losing personnel and equipment.

“The enemy has suffered quite serious losses. In 2 days, the Russians have actually lost a battalion (400 to 800 men – note) of soldiers killed and wounded,” said the spokesman for the Tavrian direction.

In addition, the Russians are constantly trying to replenish their units. First they were coming from occupied Crimea, and now an echelon from Belarus has arrived – about 450 to 500 men. The invaders have arrived in Volnovakha and are likely to be sent to Vuhledar district as well.

Dmitrashkovsky also noted the low level of morale of the occupation troops.

Occupant Command Faces Problems Over Vuhledar

Conflict is brewing in Russia’s top military leadership over significant losses and lack of real achievements on the front.

In February 2023, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin promoted commander of the eastern military district Rustam Muradov to the rank of colonel-general for his report on the “successes” of the 155 brigade of marines in the Vuhledar direction.

Now, according to the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ General Staff, Defence Minister of the aggressor country, Sergey Shoygu, is demanding from the general to work off the rank and take the town at any cost.

Besides, Shoigu has allegedly visited the frontline in Donetsk Region. Analysts from the Institute for the Study of War believe that the alleged trip of the Russian Defence Minister may indicate that the Kremlin does not trust Valeriy Gerasimov, commander of the occupying forces.


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