In Moscow, the main building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is on fire

Marta Hychko18:04, 07.03.23

RosZMI notes that allegedly building materials are on fire.

A fire is raging in the main building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation at 38 Petrivka Street in Moscow .

As the Telegram channel “Baza” reports , building materials on the third floor caught fire. Smoke is pouring from the building now.

“Firefighters are working on the spot, there is currently no information about the victims,” ​​the channel writes.

Recent fires in the Russian Federation

Recently, there have been regular fires and explosions in the Russian Federation at regime facilities, factories and oil depots. Recently, an oil depot with fuel tanks burned in the border Belgorod region   , and  the Zirka plant suddenly caught fire in St. Petersburg . It is at this enterprise that engines for the Russian Navy, as well as generators and electrical substations, are produced.

Last month, a fire broke out at the Lukoil oil refinery in the Nizhny Novgorod region   , and on the night of February 14,  another fire broke out in Moscow  – the building of the technical center was on fire. Russians sometimes blame Ukraine for the fires, claiming “sabotage”. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian side ignores these accusations.

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