Ukrainian military kill Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group on boats: 18 invaders dead

6 MARCH 2023

Defence Forces of Ukraine’s south killed 18 soldiers of a Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group (SRG) moving on motorboats near the city of Kherson on 5-6 March.

Source: Operational Command Pivden (South) on Facebook

Quote: “3 civilian motor boats converted by the occupiers, along with a SRG, were sent along a course known to the whole world [i.e., killed – ed.] in the area of the Velykyi Potomkin Island [near Kherson]. 18 Ruscists were demilitarised [i.e., killed].”

In addition, the report says, Ukraine’s Rocket Forces and Artillery units, performing firing missions at carefully verified coordinates, destroyed three anti-aircraft missile systems, two units of engineering equipment used by Russian troops to set up defences on the left bank part of Kherson Oblast, two observation posts and a storage point.


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