Twitter bought by Musk almost stopped fighting Russian propaganda – BBC

Yury Kobzar22:13, 03/06/23

The social network significantly weakened content moderation due to the loss of a large number of key employees.

The Twitter social network practically stopped fighting paid Russian propaganda after the company became the property of scandalous billionaire Elon Musk . This is written by the BBC , which conducted its own journalistic investigation.

The publication notes that after the change of ownership, large-scale “reforms” began in the company, during which several thousand employees were dismissed. As a result, the company has practically no employees left to moderate content.

According to former and current employees of Twitter, with whom journalists spoke, in recent months the number of publications with aggressive rhetoric, incitement of hatred, and propaganda of sexual crimes has noticeably increased on the social network. Similarly, there has been more political propaganda and information manipulation in the social network.

“Several key experts who dealt with specific regions – the so-called threat actors: from Russia to China – left the team,” said a former Twitter employee.

Elon Musk and Twitter

After a months-long epic and a whole series of scandals, Elon Musk still managed to buy the Twitter company in October of last year. Immediately after that, he decided to lay off a significant number of employees in order to cut costs.

Then the billionaire initiated many reforms and innovations in the social network, which caused mixed reactions from users. The first high-profile scandal happened when Musk decided to sell a “blue checkmark” of verification for $8 to everyone, which immediately discredited all official accounts.

Musk also significantly softened the policy of punishing users for violating community rules.

According to some estimates , with his impulsive and thoughtless actions, Musk significantly harmed Twitter and put the company on the verge of existence.

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  1. I left Twitter weeks ago. I had an avatar showing a biker gurl in front of the ‘Confederate Flag’ and got banned. This flag was used by southern patriots, bikers, truckers, outlaws, etc. Little known fact is, our flag was adopted AFTER the civil war, during ‘reconstruction’ of the South. It symbolysed Dixie AFTER the civil war. It is the symbol of regional pride, not slavery. Georgia replaced our flag with the true Confederate Flag in 2001, just showing how insane the left + Bush, Germany’s Romney, actually are. I will never return to Twitter, but applaud Will Smith instead! 😎

    • I applaud you, Mike. I will never give up my stars and bars and guns and my true conservative soul. Let this musky old pro-ruskie rat, Elon, go down with his overpriced electric junkers.

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