The Russians shot an unarmed Ukrainian soldier after saying “Glory to Ukraine!”

Olga Robeyko16:17, 03/06/23

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The invaders shoot the captive with the words: “So you bitch. Die, bitch.”

A horrifying video of the execution of a Ukrainian soldier who was captured by the Russian occupiers appeared on the Internet. In the published footage, you can clearly see that the defender of Ukraine is unarmed.

In the recording, the fighter stands quite calmly and smokes, a voice behind the frame says: “Take him down.” In the last moments of his life, a Ukrainian prisoner utters “Glory to Ukraine!”. After that, an automatic burst sounds, the bloodied defender falls.

The Office of the President has already reacted to the video of the shooting of the defender of Ukraine by the invaders and wrote

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“War crimes are cultivated in Russia. And whitewashed by their propaganda and myths about “Nazis”. The killing of a person who was captured is another example of this.” 

Zelensky called the killing of our soldier an example of Russian national insignificance and weakness and promised that there would be retribution for every war crime.

It should be noted that it is currently unknown where and when this video of the killing of a Ukrainian prisoner of war was filmed.

WARNING! The video contains violent footage! Not recommended for viewing by pregnant women and people with a weak psyche! 18+

The video of the shooting of a Ukrainian soldier can be viewed at the link .

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