Putin’s political scientist explained “for The Hague,” what is the purpose of the war in Ukraine

Kremlin experts admit that they plan to turn Ukraine into a wasteland

Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the official newspaper of the Russian government, published a column by the famous rashist “intellectual” Sergei Karaganov, in which he explains what Putin’s latest message to the Federal Assembly means.   

Karaganov clarified the “goals of this operation” — the seizure and annexation of the east and south of Ukraine to the Russian Federation, as well as the devastation of its central and western regions. 

“This is obviously the protection of Donbas and the reunification of the originally Russian lands of the South, East, demilitarization, that is, the destruction of the military machine of what may remain of today’s Ukraine.”

“It will be necessary to help restore those parts of today’s Ukraine that will return to Russia. But it is hardly worth it (to restore — ed.) Ukraine, which is taken by this operation, especially its least culturally developed western-central lands… Western Ukrainian territories, under their mandatory demilitarization, (should become — ed.) a buffer, the outskirts of Russia.”

Karaganov calls: “Preservation of Ukrainian statehood is unacceptable”! The Russian government newspaper offers to “re-educate” the subjugated Ukrainians and send them to settle in Siberia.

“The lack of a programme of resettlement of refugees from Ukraine to such regions of Siberia has no rational explanation,” the rashist author states.

The difference between Hitler’s ideas and the Russian political scientists’ dreams is only that the former sought to turn Ukraine into their “living space,” and the latter — into a “lifeless space” for Ukrainians.

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  1. “Preservation of Ukrainian statehood is unacceptable”! The Russian government newspaper offers to “re-educate” the subjugated Ukrainians and send them to settle in Siberia.”

    If this admittance of genocide by the vermin doesn’t wake up the WH nothing will. We have known all along what the scum intends for Ukraine, but it’s nice to see the mafia state finally admit this genocide.

  2. Ok. I have similar plans with Germany and Turkey. Wipe them pruSSians and turks, and repopulate with bavarians and kurds. Independent from that, does the world not see that RuSSia is ruled by doped mentally unstable paranoid idiots?!

  3. These ideas have already been set out for years in books by Alexandr Dugin, who describes himself as a “National Bolshevik.” In other words, a nazi like putler. Only putler, unlike Dugin, is too sly and slippery to admit what he really is.
    The putler murder gang has been pulling the wool over the west’s eyes now for two decades. Time is long overdue for western leaders to admit the horrifying truth about the putler regime and explain why it accuses its victims of what it is itself. (The answer being that it
    follows the propaganda model of Goebbells).

  4. The mafiosi don’t realize that the complete opposite will happen. In the foreseeable future, mafia land in its present form will cease to exist. And, the SBU will hunt down all despicable creatures that might survive the mafia holocaust, like this shit stain Sergei Karaganov.

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