Mobilized From Krasnodar Territory Refuse To Go On Offensive In Donbas

They recorded an appeal to Putin.


The mobilized from the Krasnodar Territory of the Russian Federation, who are now fighting in Ukraine, complained that they were sent to the Donetsk region “for assaults”, without preparation, “in just one day”, and they are suffering “huge losses” there.

The soldiers noted that they serve in the 20th division of the 255th regiment of the 1st motorized rifle battalion of the 2nd motorized rifle company, the ASTRA Telegram channel reports.

“Some of the wounded lay on the battlefield for about 6 hours, after which they were captured,” the Russians say.

At the same time, they turn to the dictator Vladimir Putin, who was the initiator of sending hundreds of thousands of Russians “for slaughter”.

As the website wrote, a regiment from the Irkutsk region, which complained to Putin, was almost completely destroyed in Ukraine.


  1. These people are refusing to learn that appealing to the same demon who started this war is like appealing to an alligator not to eat them as they flounder in the water. Is there a stronger expression than “stupid” to describe a ruskie? These morons are dead men walking. They will do as they are told, and most will get killed doing it. Period.

      • There can never be a revolution for freedom in this shithole – never a Red Square Maidan – if its people are this stupid.

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