Manual of stalinism on putin’s Desk

Seventy years ago, on March 5, 1953, iosif stalin — a bloody kremlin dictator, who was afraid of losing power and strove to destroy the Ukrainians just like putin — died.

Analysing the aggressive plans and aggressor’s behavior, it can be stated that practices of stalinizm have become the hand book for putin: total censorship, aggressive propaganda, cruel persecution of dissidents and the cult of fear among subordinates. Putin and stalin are painful paranoid. Their deepest fear is to loss a personal power.

War crimes, committed by the russians during the aggression against Ukraine, have proved that putin is also persistently copying stalin in his pursuiting of genocide of the Ukrainian nation.

stalin’s death and the events caused by it in Moscow also provide an outline of the understanding of what can happen to russia after the military defeat and the disappearance of putin. The struggle for power, the debunking of the leader’s personality cult, a brief moment of the so-called ‘thaw’, and then — a new stage of repression and aggression.

Therefore, for a sustainable peace in Europe after the victory over aggressive russia, the key task for Ukraine and the whole civilized world should become the final destruction of the stalin-putin formation but not the movement of bunks in the prison of nations.


  1. Stalinism, Hitlerism and Putinism. All have one thing in common, genocide of Ukrainians.

    • Which is why I always say that no nation in history has suffered like Ukraine. Those; like the Trumputin wing of the GOP, who would deny assistance are accessories to genocide.
      At the end of his life, Stalin asked himself if there was any group that had not been punished enough during his years of genocide?
      His answer was…. da Jooz! So he started rounding up any who were left. On the night of his death they couldn’t find a doctor to treat him; they were all locked up!

      Good article F1.

  2. To celebrate the monster’s day of death, Ukraine should’ve sent a drone into the Kremlin to disrupt the runt’s memorial ceremony of his evil hero.

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