If Moldova wants to join EU, it should be less afraid of Russia – NATO Deputy Secretary General

 5 MARCH 2023

If Moldova wants to join the European Union, it needs to be less afraid of Russia, which is currently busy with Ukraine.

Source: Mircea Geoană, NATO Deputy Secretary General, on the air of Romanian TV channel Prima TV, reports Newsmaker

Details: According to Geoană, there is currently no military risk for Moldova.

Quote: “The chance to break out of the periphery of Europe comes once in a few generations. Now is the time. If they want to stay there, that’s their decision. But if they want to join Europe, it’s time to make a choice, and they need to be less afraid of Russia, because Russia is barely coping with Ukraine. I don’t think there is a military risk for Moldova now,” Geoană said.

When asked if he believed that the unification of Romania and Moldova is possible, the NATO deputy secretary general answered: “I cannot comment [on it]; I have official authority, and when I say something, it is interpreted in different ways. But I believe that Moldova has a European fate.”

Background: The media reported that the EU is preparing a mission to strengthen Moldova’s security sector, and it may become operational in the summer.

Recently, the security situation in Moldova has been more and more tense.

On 13 February, Maia Sandu, President of Moldova, came out with a special briefing, where she revealed the details provided by Ukraine; the Kremlin ostensibly prepared military actions involving saboteurs with military training from outside the country – from Russia, Belarus, as well as Serbia and Montenegro. 

There were also statements from the Russian Federation about Ukraine’s alleged intentions to carry out a military provocation in unrecognised Transnistria. Kyiv and Chisinau deny this categorically.

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  1. NATO has a big mouth. They are accusing little Moldova of being afraid of mafia land, which they have every right to. But, what is stopping NATO from sending in some troops to Moldova to help stabilize the situation there? That’s right, fear.
    Moldova should work together with Ukraine to clear out the cockroaches from Transnistria. Ukraine is not afraid.

  2. Yes indeed.
    Moldova is constantly at gunpoint by the Russians.
    The economy of Moldova is so small they cannot afford an army.
    Even thought the Transnistrian/Russian army is small, Moldova has close to nothing to defend them with.

    If NATO or Romania would properly arm Moldova, they indeed don’t have to fear.

    However, I think the future looks relatively bright, because I think when the war in Ukraine is over, Transnistria will not be able to survive.

    • I am also confident in the future. But, this future could arrive sooner if there still wasn’t so much panty pissing in the West.

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