German ambassador claims Poland is supporting Russia

Germany’s new ambassador to Poland is not coping well and has stooped to accusing Poland of supporting Moscow, writes Polish commentator Jakub Maciejewski

Thomas Bagger, Germany’s ambassador to Poland since last year, has the task of persuading Poland to get closer to Berlin and to convince them of Germany’s major role in supporting Ukraine.

However, his efforts have so far been weak. He delivers platitudes about democracy, freedom, friendship and NATO, but when confronted with a text in which Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak is critical of Germany’s energy collaboration with Russia, he loses his diplomatic cool and blames Poland for supporting Moscow.

His excellency asks in a Twitter post whether our defense minister knows how many billions of Polish zloty Poland has been transferring to Moscow to purchase Russian energy.

This is both arrogant and amateurish.

Poland has been reducing its dependence on Russian energy ever since the present conservative government came to office. In the same period, Berlin was moving in the opposite direction. It was also the pro-German previous Polish liberal government which had committed Poland to long-term contracts with Gazprom.

So, here we go: Poland, Ukraine’s major ally, is now being accused of arming Russia. The words “German ambassador” are now synonymous with the phrase: “You’ve got a cheek.”

However, there is a method to this madness.

It is an attempt to put Poland in ‘”its place” as Berlin’s whipping boy, and Bagger has form when it comes to criticizing Polish officials. In the summer of last year, he mocked head of Poland’s central Bank (NBP) Adam Glapiński after Glapiński said the leader of the liberal opposition, Donald Tusk, must have been been offered a top EU job for his efforts to have Poland adopt the euro currency. Bagger argued that Glapiński was confusing the past with the present and that the threat to Poland was from the East and not the West. 

This kind of hectoring from German diplomats brings to mind a past we would all rather forget. The trouble is that it seems to be the norm in the way Germany regards Poland and its government. The Germans seem to be deaf to the fact that such paternalistic behavior towards Central Europe in general is counterproductive, and that such arrogance confirms fears that German intentions are less than clear.

Bagger can issue such statements to his heart’s content if Tusk comes to power, but the way Berlin is behaving, that is increasingly unlikely. 


  1. This kraut certainly has nothing to brag about, he was Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s foreign policy adviser. Enough said!

  2. The krauts want EU shill Tusk as Polish President. He is both Germany-friendly and putler-friendly. He also has form in covering up what is a 95% certainty of a putler mass assassination: the 2010 Smolensk “accident.”
    Tusk also stated that a “special place in hell” is reserved; not for puker; oh no, but for the U.K. for having the temerity to leave the EU!

  3. Poland wants a union of sovereign european states. Tusk wants a european centralist state fully controlled by Germany. The slavs had eversince been fucked by both Germanystan and Muscovy, stereo. Nothing changed.

  4. That’s my kind of humor, to call Poland a supporter of mafia land, of all nations. This ass wipe must’ve attended the MSFL (Moscow School of Filthy Lies). Germany is not doing itself any favors by having such losers as their representatives, especially in such a grand nation as Poland.

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