An ex-intelligence officer spoke about Merkel’s connection with the KGB and Putin (video)

Kateryna Schwartz15:37, 03/06/23

Serhiy Zhinov doubts that the Russians had some kind of terrible compromising material on Merkel.

Ex-Russian spy and publicist Serhii Zhirnov does not rule out that former Chancellor Angela Merkel was “on the hook” in the KGB in her youth and in the future did not simply adhere to a pro-Russian position.

“They say she had a pastor as her father. But we understand that during the Stasi era, if you were allowed to engage in activities that were not exactly communist, it meant that you had classified information or you were on their hook.” Maybe Merkel herself was they are “on the hook,” he said  .

According to Zhirnov, it is unlikely that they had any terrible compromising information on Merkel, and in Germany as a whole there was no need to recruit anyone:

“In Germany, everything is about loot and profit. Cooperation with Russia suited them, it was beneficial for Germany.”

The ex-intelligence officer is sure that now it will be difficult to imprison Merkel for working in the interests of the Russian dictator Putin, because any of her lawyers will reduce everything to the fact that she pursued the interests of Germany in the first place.

Angela Merkel – the latest statements about Putin and the Russian Federation

Earlier it was reported that shortly before leaving the post of Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel allegedly tried to organize negotiations with Putin . However, these attempts did not bring results due to the lack of leverage on him.

Before that , Merkel warned the world against ignoring Russia’s threats in the context of the war in Ukraine as a bluff. She emphasized that lasting peace in Europe can be achieved only with the participation of Russia.

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  1. I question this.
    I mean, if it was true, wouldn’t the Americans, the British or even the Ukrainians know?
    What about the German Intelligence?

    She was bad, but not every bad person is a Russian spy.

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