The occupiers were given tools for sexual crimes in Ukraine – the head of the Supreme Court

Marta Hychko10:56, 03/05/23

A whole box of such “props” was found in one of the headquarters of the occupiers.

Russian invaders were given tools for sexual violence against Ukrainians. They were found in the de-occupied territories. 

This was announced by Supreme Court Chairman Vsevolod Knyazev during the United for Justice international conference in Lviv, writes Ukrinform .

The head of the Supreme Court emphasized that the international community should identify the person responsible for these crimes. He believes that soon these cases in the courts will become massive, so their timely and correct qualification is extremely important.

Knyazev noted that there are two points of view on these crimes. One indicates that the subject of the crime of genocide can only be the higher military and political leadership that gave orders for the destruction of one or another nation. And on the other hand, there is a simple Russian soldier who kills Ukrainians, arguing that such a nation does not exist. According to him, only one case related to the crime of genocide is being considered in court.

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