The GUR said when the Russian economy will not be able to cover the costs of the war

Nazar Steporuk11:52, 03/05/23

According to Kyryl Budanov, the head of the Regional State of Ukraine, this will happen in three months.

In three months, Russia’s economy will not be able to support an aggressive war against Ukraine . Therefore, the aggressor state has time until the end of spring to try to achieve any success outside the battlefield.

This information was shared by the head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov in an interview with USA Today . According to him, Russia has already lost a huge amount of resources, weapons and people. She has time until the summer to make any progress on the front. Then the aggressor state will run out of funds for waging war.

“Russia has spent a huge amount of human resources, weapons and materials. Its economy and production are unable to cover these losses. It has changed its military chain of command. If the Russian military does not achieve its goals this spring, Russia will run out of its tools of war,” he said. Budanov.

Economic problems of the Russian Federation: the latest information

After the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Western countries, Japan and Australia imposed sanctions against Russia, which hit its economy. For example, the European Union has established a maximum price for the export of oil and diesel fuel from the Russian Federation .

As reported by the Russian mass media, export duties in Russia collapsed almost four times — to 74.2 billion rubles against 262 billion in January 2021. And the volume of export duties on oil decreased by two times in annual terms.

Russia ended 2022 with a budget deficit of 3.3 trillion rubles, which is about 2.3% of GDP. In order to cover the losses, the Russian Federation raised business taxes “retroactively”.

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  1. russia’s great friend China have just signed an oil deal with BP and Chevron, to import crude oil, paying market prices which are 25% above russian prices. It appears this marriage will soon end in divorce.

  2. No doubt, our sanctions have not had the desired effect to make waging war for mafia land impossible. We have one whole year of war and still the mafiosi aren’t bankrupt. Nevertheless, let’s hope that the economic collapse will come soon.

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